Chapel – Dr. Miriam Charter

In this week’s Community Chapel, Dr. Miriam Charter invites listeners to her message entitled “A Hinge Moment in Life” from Acts Chapter 13.

Dr. Miriam Charter is a seasoned storyteller and describes herself as a woman of three passions:
  1. Those in our world who, through no fault of their own, have never heard of Jesus
  2. Those in our world who suffer intensely for their faith, because they are willing to be known as followers of Jesus
  3. The next generation – equipping and mentoring those who will lead the Body of Christ in the next decades
In her retirement, Miriam is a mission practitioner, speaker, and mission mobilizer based in Calgary. She has a pronounced calling to the nations, which began with her birth in China under Communism. She continues to champion the local church, serves on the Global Impact Team at her local church, teaches Alpha and ESL to newcomers to Canada, mentors young adults, and has a special commitment to mentoring women in ministry.
Chapel – Dr. Miriam Charter
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