Chapel – Dr. Andrew Witt

In this week’s Community Chapel, Dr. Andrew Witt invites listeners to pursue wisdom as a long-term strategy to grow. The passage is about the need for wisdom, but also the stark reality of what life looks like without having the wisdom God has richly provided for us from the book of Proverbs Chapter 1 verses 20 - 33. 

Dr. Witt at the undergraduate in the Biblical Studies and Theology department. His main area of focus is on the Old Testament, specializing in the book of Psalms. Dr. Witt is a recent addition to our core faculty, beginning his first year of full-time teaching. He taught a few courses for Tyndale as a part-time instructor in 2018-2019. Be on the lookout for his classes related to the Psalms, Old Testament Theology, and Biblical Hebrew.

He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and completed most of his higher education in the States. He became a Christian in his first year of college and knows how formative these four years can be in your life. He has lived in Toronto since 2010. Hobbies include biking, photography, and hiking.
Chapel  – Dr. Andrew Witt
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